January 2023

The Lady Takes It All

Unexpected Heirs of Scotland series

In Regency Scotland, an explorer, a professor and a dispossessed lady find themselves the beneficiaries of unexpected inheritances taking them from gentry to noble or gaining wealth almost overnight. Everything they know in life won’t help them as they enter Edinburgh’s, and Scotland’s, highest levels of society and industry and must find their way in their new positions. If only there was someone who could help them. . . .

Joshua Robertson made his name with the amazing discovery of a buried Roman town. Now rumors of thievery and innuendo of scandals and worse about the discovery and those involved have threatened both his reputation and his work. Inheriting a minor but respected title has given him a certain amount of protect for no man would insult his honor now by raising questions about the past. But a woman might. And does.

Arabella MacGibbon watched her father’s decline and death because he was shamed and shunned as an impostor and thief. Embittered and certain that the now-Viscount of Dunalastair cheated her father and caused to his death, Arabella is determined to find proof and unmask him. Needing to get close to the man to discover his secrets, she takes advantage of an opportunity, disguises her identity and get hired as his housekeeper. It’s the perfect way to succeed in her plan.

But what happens if the truth is inconvenient at best and dangerous at worst? Can her plan succeed if Arabella discovers there’s so much more to the man and the myth than she dreamt possible?