September 2023

The Lady's Tutor

Unexpected Heirs of Scotland series

In Regency Scotland, an explorer, a professor and a dispossessed lady find themselves the beneficiaries of unexpected inheritances taking them from gentry to noble or gaining wealth almost overnight. Everything they know in life won’t help them as they enter Edinburgh’s, and Scotland’s, highest levels of society and industry and must find their way in their new positions. If only there was someone who could help them. . . .

Professor Gillespie MacIvor teaches at an illustrious university but that doesn’t mean he earns enough to pay the bills. So, when a powerful, wealthy earl requests that Gill undertake the education of his eldest daughter in order to prove she could not learn the same lessons as her twin brother, the coin offered cannot be ignored. Gill plans to carry out the earl’s task, believing her as empty-headed that most noble daughters are. . . .until he meets her.

Lady Margaret Alice Munro has never been taken seriously in her life, not by family, friends or Society. She’s learned to do as she wishes, covering her serious pursuits and interests with the layer of nonchalance and frivolous expected of a nobleman’s daughter until her father discovers her true activities and threatens all she holds dear. Unless she can prove she’s as smart as her twin brother, she faces a life as the wife of the dull-witted man her father demands she marry.

As the weeks of lessons pass and Gill finds it harder and harder to confound or confuse her, he is also amused, bewildered, and attracted to the intelligent, funny, kind and desirable woman he is teaching. When word comes of an unexpected inheritance, making Gill a nobleman with far higher prospects than he could have imagined, their situation is turned upside down. Now he needs to learn so much about the new world in which he will live and move and make his life. Ally seems the perfect person to help him.

But will Ally still help him when his deal with her father to see her fail is revealed? When the one man she thought respected her turns out to be as shallow as the rest, what will happen to her broken heart?