A Brava Anthology – Oh My!

I was just reading back through my recent (sparse!) postings and realized I didn’t share my new news! I’ve been invited to write a novella for a Brava historical anthology that will be headlined by Susan Johnson! Mary Wine will also be joining us in the collection.

I’ve been reading Susan’s historicals forEVER and can’t believe I’m going to have something of mine in a collection with her! Woohoo!

Tentative release date is May 2010 – I’ll keep you updated if that changes….


The Conqueror’s Lady

I’ve been head-down, writing for a deadline and haven’t been celebrating the release of THE CONQUEROR’S LADY!! It’s out now — it hit the shelves about a week ago and thanks to everyone who’s already bought it and sent me comments.

I just got a great review from BOOKLIST – the American Library Association’s journal — and I’m THRILLED! Here’s the best part:

“Brisbin brews up an expertly crafted medieval romance with a dangerous hero and a smart, stubborn heroine.”

If you do pick it up (and it’s available in print, digital and even Kindle editions), please let me know what you think!

Terri (the Tired – finished Brice’s story at 4:30am today)