The Buzz About MISTRESS…


. . . is buzzing!   Some early reviews are in from Publishers Weekly and RT Book Reviews and I wanted to share them with you!

From Publishers Weekly: “Explicit love scenes and emotional turmoil lend drama en route to a powerfully moving conclusion.”

Wow, huh!

Then from RT (Romantic Times):  “The last book of Brisbin’s Storm series is a sensual feast, an erotic tale of good vs. evil, magic vs. humanity, man vs. man. Readers will enjoy the well-written characters, the emotional plot and the high level of sexuality.”

Pretty cool, aren’t they?  And to top it off, one of my all-time favorite authors, Teresa Medeiros gave me a quote for it and it’s featured on the new front cover. She said: “MISTRESS OF THE STORM is a passionate, powerful page-turner!

I am sooo honored to have her quote….and thrilled to pieces that readers will get a chance to enjoy the book in just six weeks…. I hope you’ll give it a try, too! I’ll be signing it at the huge autographing party at RWA on Tuesday, June 28th. Stop by if you’re in NYC


Sneak Peek – Mistress of the Storm

It’s not the final cover but my editors gave this to me over the weekend — isn’t it simply stunning? It’s a July 2011 release:


The back cover blurb says:

An epic struggle for dominance is ravaging the Isle of Skye. And in its midst, a man and a woman are locked together by fate—and fantasy…

Odious though it is, Isabel knows what she must do: go to the one known as the Healer, seduce him, and recruit him to her power-hungry stepfather’s cause. If she refuses, her innocent young sister will pay the terrible price of her disobedience. Yet after just one night with the man she must manipulate, it is clear to Isabel that even if she succeeds, the deceit will not leave her unscathed. For in the Healer’s powerful arms, her heart is lost forever…

Duncan of Skye knows there are those who would use his unusual gift for their own selfish gain. Even so, he yearns to trust the beautiful temptress who warms his bed and fills him with insatiable passion. And when he must choose between her future and his own, he may have to risk everything—even his life…

What do you think?