The Winter Solstice….

imgp2087 The actual beginning of winter is coming up next week on December 21 — the winter solstice when the sun stops its southern journey and wobbles just a bit before heading back north. On my trip to Scotland, I visited Maes Howe, a Neolithic tomb in Orkney, where the solstice is marked in a special way.

At sunset on December 21, the rays of the setting sun enter the entrance tunnel of the tomb and strike the back wall.  It actually happens for several days before and after the solstice and now there’s a live webcamera on their website, so you can check it out.

Visit  and watch it happen live….each day until early January….maeshoweI will be! I still can’t believe I was inside the tomb looking out just a few months ago. Maybe one day I’ll be there to watch the sun come in….

Happy Winter!

Terri B