It’s been at least a couple of years since my area of southern NJ had a really good snow storm, but we caught up today with a Nor’easter that’s still dumping snow here and up most of the MidAtlantic and New England coast. I’m like a 4 year old on Christmas eve….I’ve been watching it snow all day. And taking some photos, too.

This was taken at about noon: looking out through the wreath on my front door…


And the one on the left was taken at noon     –    the one on the right was taken at about 5:30  to show the accumulation:

dec19snow4 dec19snow24

Cool, huh?! And it’s still snowing with the heaviest snow expected to   end around 10 pm tonight and all the snow to be over by Sunday morning…..

Anyone else in the storm’s path? Everyone doing okay?  Stay warm….stay safe!

Terri B