A Storm of Pleasure – Oh MY!

Okay — I just got such a nice present in the mail — a package of coverflats for my October Brava – A Storm of Pleasure and all I can say is WOW! Take a look:


and here’s the backcover blurb — it’s the perfect description of the story —

On the beautiful, remote Scottish coast, two lovers are drawn together by a dark legacy and a wild dangerous desire. . . .

Rumors of a truthsayer have brought Katla Sveinsdottir to Orkney, searching for a way to clear her brother’s name. What she finds is far from what she expected. Gavin is a recluse, driven close to madness by the voices that crowd his mind. Katla strikes a bold bargain—offering to share Gavin’s bed in exchange for his help. But as she watches this proud, magnificent man struggle to keep his humanity, she knows that more than her brother’s fate is at stake.

Gavin’s mysterious abilities have grown more powerful over time, as have their terrible consequences. Katla is the only person whose thoughts are hidden from him, though he longs to know if she shares his passion. At last he has found the woman who can calm the demons within him—yet the truth he has sworn to reveal may tear her from him forever. . .

OH MY!! Can’t wait for this to hit the shelves —


PS — I received a whole bunch extra of these gorgeous coverflats — email me at if you’d be interested in getting one!

The Mercenary’s Bride — a cover!

themercenarysbride-scan I am so woefully behind but will be getting a newsletter out to my list ASAP with all the updated info about my current and soon-to-be-released romances but I did want to share my July Harlequin Historical cover with you all! This is book 2 of my Knights of Brittany trilogy and it definitely has the feeling of the one created for book 1 – The Conqueror’s Lady.. what do you think?

This will be out in July — so I hope to be signing it at the RWA Conference book signing in Nashville… Hope you’ll stop in if you’re in the area…

Isn’t it pretty?