September is Almost Here!

I can’t believe the summer is nearly gone and September (and pray God, cooler temps) will be arriving tomorrow! It’s been a busy summer for me and an even busier autumn looms ahead.

Have you seen my new Harlequin Historical releases yet? Well one is only online but my September book has hit the shelves in bookstores, too – just this week!

I hope you’ll enjoy going back to visit with the MacLerie Clan of Lairig Dubh, Scotland, and seeing what mayhem the children are now getting into – now that they’re grown up and reaching marriageable ages!

The parents get into a sort of matchmaking competition, determined to find the best spouse for their children, but the matches don’t always turn out the way they expect. A second theme in this series is a second-chance-at-love with one of the heroes or heroines in each story being a widow or widower. So, very emotional stories I hope you’ll try!



   RT (Romantic Times) says about THE HIGHLANDER’S STOLEN TOUCH: “The well-drawn atmosphere, as well as Brisbin’s fine storytelling and grasp of social nuances of the era, are what lift this from an ordinary romance with a predictable, easy solution to one with a satisfying ‘happily even after’ ending.” Yay!

This one is based on a comment made by Ciara Robertson in POSSESSED BY THE HIGHLANDER — she decides, at six years of age, that she loves the young man who has accompanied her on her journey to her mother’s new home — Tavis MacLerie — and declared to her mother that she will marry Tavis. Now Ciara is ready to marry but Tavis, now widowed, has decided he cannot face marriage again (and the pain of losing someone he loves). Sometime later, when Tavis is asked to escort Ciara to meet her newly-betrothed fiance, the sparks fly and the love they have for each other just won’t go away!



    I’ve just received the title of my next MacLerie Clan story — it will be called AT THE HIGHLANDER’S MERCY! Doesn’t that title just beg for a sexy Highlander on the cover? I can’t wait to see it. And I’m working on the third book in the series RIGHT NOW! Won’t have a final title for it for a couple of months, but I will tell you that it’s about Rurik’s daughter Isobel and Jocelyn’s brother Athdar and promises to infuriate Rurik to no end! I do love tormenting my heroes, even when it involves their children!

So, I’ll be head-down for the next few weeks finishing up that book. Then?

Well, to celebrate our recent 35th wedding anniversary, dear hubby and I are headed to. . . . HAWAII! I have set out the goal of a different beach every day of the trip and I’ll be posting pictures as we drive all over Maui and Oahu! I’m planning my reading materials now because, really, isn’t reading a wonderful book on a beautiful beach just the best thing?

If you have any suggestions of what to read, please share them! I can always use another book in my TBR mountain…..

Well, Happy Back-to-School Days and End-of-Summer Days! And, as always, Happy Reading!