New Book – New Events!

With the release of THE HIGHLANDER’S INCONVENIENT BRIDE on July 27th, I’m going to be doing some celebratory events all through August – and I hope you’ll join me!

To celebrate, I’ll be taking over the Historical Romance Lovers FB group on Tuesday, August 3, Amy Jarecki’s Historical Romance Fan FB Club on Friday, August 6 and taking over Cupboard Maker Bookstore’s FB page on August 13 in advance of an in-person signing there on Saturday, August 21 as part of National Romance Weekend! Then I’ll be the featured author in Kathryn LeVeque’s Historical Romance Book Club during the week of August 22. 

You do need to be on Facebook and join those groups to take part, but I will be chatting, playing games, offering exclusive giveaways in each one.  (Links to and info about all these are on my EVENTS page on my website if you need more.