It’s the Holiday Historical Cookie/Sweets Hop 2023! Grab your biscotti!

Cinnamon Chip biscotti on a classic Corelleware white plate. Placemat and linen on table

Italian cookies that originated in medieval Tuscany – sigh! Cookies that are twice-baked (which is what biscotti means in Italian) and hold up to dunking in tea or milk or chocolate or wine or Prosecco. Another bonus in addition to the wide range possible flavors is that being twice-baked gives them a longer shelf life – so more time to enjoy them! Yes, it’s true – I love biscotti!

My favorite flavors tend to be plain – vanilla (or a touch of almond flavor) is my usual one but I do like chocolate chip, too. Oh, and gingerbread, too. Or one called a Snicker-cookie biscotti that turns out like a sugar cookie with a hint of cinnamon. Mmmmmm. They are easy to make and simply delicious. And although they don’t have a specific link to the Holiday season, I find I make them more near Christmas than other times of year.

I should admit that I turned to trying them because of my cookie-baking failures. It’s true – I can successfully make most other baked goods – gosh, my pound cake is always in demand at family gatherings and events. But cookies? They defeat me. Too flat. Too hard (often compared to small hockey pucks!). Not right. Not enough. So, when I made my first batch of biscotti and they turned out hard and crumbly, I realized they were perfect — LOL!

There are lots of biscotti recipes all over, online and in cookbooks and in family recipes so it’s not difficult to find one to try. I’ve found a great basic recipe along with more recipes that turn them into so many flavors on the Kristine’s Kitchen Blog. I’ve also had some success with recipes from an online site ( but it seems to be gone now. Luckily I have print and digital copies of those recipes!

Have you tried making biscottis or other holiday cookies? Are you a Pizzelle maker? Those were my younger sister Mar’s favorites and she made them every year…so good! Or is your Holiday superpower eating them? Hey, bakers need people to enjoy their creations!

Since I’m part of the Historical Authors Holiday Cookie (and Treats) Hop, here’s the list of all the participating authors (many of whom are doing giveaways on their pages so don’t miss them!):

Historical Romance Authors Cookie Hop Link List 2023

(look below for directions if you haven’t seen them)

Heather McCollum
Alanna Lucas
Allison B. Hanson
Anna St.Claire
Tara Kingston
Celeste Barclay 
Michelle McLean
Katherine Bone
Kathryn Le Veque
Terri Brisbin 
Melanie Rose Clarke
Brenna Ash
Gina Conkle
Deb Marlowe
E. Elizabeth Watson
Jane Charles
Amy Jarecki
Collette Cameron
Lauren & Devon Royal
Maeve Greyson
Aurrora St. James 
C.H. Admirand 
Emily Royal 
Margaux Thorne
Jennifer Seasons
Aubrey Wynne
Elizabeth Ellen Carter
Sara Adrien
Eliza Knight
Ruth A. Casie

After you collect the names of all 30 recipes, e-mail the list of authors with their treats to with the subject line: Historical Romance Authors are Sweet. One winner will be chosen on Wednesday, 13 December and announced on the FB event page and on Heather’s website: .

For my giveaway, I’m giving one winner who makes a comment below a lovely 2024 Scottish calendar along with a wee Scottish giftie, too! So just tell me if you bake or make Holiday treats or just like to eat them or what your favorites are and I’ll choose a winner TWO WINNERS who will be announced on December 13. Could be one of these calendars below or another of the ones I’ve collected for the New Year! Good luck!