Fan Girl at BEA!

Ok — I confess — I went to BEA as a booklover and an author and got to sign my April book at the Harlequin booth and my May book at the RWA booth. I even got to meet one of my favorite authors and picked up an ARC of this upcoming book, THE EMPEROR’S TOMB, due out in November. And I got to meet two of my favorite tv personalities from MSNBC (no, not Keith Olbermann, darn!) —   Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough — who were there promoting Mika’s new book. But the highlight of the show….

I met RICK SPRINGFIELD!! Oh yes I did! He was there promoting his upcoming autobiography LATE,LATE AT NIGHT, and he spoke and signed some promo coverflats for attendees… Here’s proof—


Thanks to Liam R for taking and sending me the photo!

So, that, and attending the Harlequin party (and meeting actress/author Kathy Kinney) and the Kensington party and getting a bunch of books and staying in a hotel called The Pod Hotel and finding an Irish pub named the Pig and the Whistle 2, all added to make my first BEA very memorable!

Terri B

PS — the honest to gosh best moment happened twice for me — in two different lines, waiting for someone else’s autograph, people recognized MY NAME and had read MY BOOKS! Huzzah for that — nothing better for an author to hear from a reader…..

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  1. Carol Luciano says:

    That is great. Sounds like you had a fantastic and enjoyable time. My God, Rick Springfield looks great. 🙂 Hoping to see you at the Springfield B&N on the 5th of June since I’m 15 minutes from there. 🙂
    Carol L.

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