A few months ago, I was invited to contribute a short story for the ongoing, popular MAMMOTH BOOK OF ______ ROMANCE series — this time for a MAMMOTH BOOK OF SCOTTISH ROMANCE. I said yes! Not sure if the title will remain the same, but I turned in “Kidnapping the Laird”, a short sexy story about a laird and his ignored wife, last week.

I just received this and wanted to share it with you —


Isn’t that just gorgeous? I think so, too! The release date is January 4, 2011 in the US and January 27, 2011 in the UK.

Terri B

2 thoughts on “It’s MAMMOTH!”

  1. Caffey says:

    Hi Terri! Gosh I love the cover and so excited since I love romances set in Scotland! The Regency one is out this month and they had a Irish one too! Love them cuz we get to read our favorite authors like you and find new authors too! So looking forward to it!

  2. Terri B says:


    Did you notice that this one is a bit different in color than the one you pointed out to me? It looks like this will be the UK edition and the US will have that darker color scheme… They’re both beautiful! Woohoo!

    Terri B

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