Claiming His Highland Bride – coming in June!

Isn’t it beautiful? I just got the cover of my upcoming Harlequin Historical – Claiming His Highland Bride – and I love it! Don’t you?

This is Alan Cameron’s story – readers have been watching grow up since STOLEN BY THE HIGHLANDER when his skills at finding people led him into the middle of things. Then, in KIDNAPPED BY THE HIGHLAND ROGUE, he honorably offered to marry the disgraced heroine when he thought she needed his help. Now, he’s got his own heroine and all the problems that go along with that!  And his story is a transition in my “A Highland Feuding” series – from the Mackintosh side of the feud to the Cameron side….which should be fun!

If you’re interested in pre-ordering, linksfor most major retailers and in most formats are on the book page . I hope you’ll give Alan and Sorcha a try.  And let me know what you think of the cover? Harlequin has given us our name fonts back – I just love the crisp look of my name in all CAPS and they’ve gone back to the medallion (rather than covering the top 25% of the cover in a purple swath)… I like that, too!