Celebrating THE CALL!

  It was twenty – that’s 20 – years ago this weekend that then editorial assistant Cindy Hwang called me with the news – Berkley Jove wanted to publish my book – A LOVE THROUGH TIME – in their time travel line!  It was an amazing feeling when she called. Made more exciting was that I was in a hospital bed in my family room, recuperating from fracturing a spinal vertebra! (for the second time!)…. The physical therapist who was there had no idea of what was happening but I expressed interest in the offer, told Ms. Hwang that I would need the weekend to consider and that I would call her back. . . .

Cue the hysterical screaming!! I scared the PT so badly she left. I called my hubby and all my friends in NJRW and then began the process of getting an agent. Did I mention this call came on the Monday of Thanksgiving week in 1997? Yes it was! With the help and advice of my NJRW writing colleagues, I contacted prospective agents, sent out the manuscript and signed with Linda Kruger (at the time with the Fogelman Agency). Within weeks, the contract was signed and I was about to be a PUBLISHED AUTHOR….a real published author!

Now, 20 years and 45 publications later, that call, THE CALL, still brings back the memories of the excitement of the day.  To celebrate, I’m doing a giveaway over on FB –



If you stop over my FB profile  or  my FB author page – you can leave a comment that puts you in the giveaway – the gift includes a copy of the original release, the newest edition, a lovely Scottish-themed handbag and two time travel romances from my wonderfully talented friend Ceci Giltenan! I’ll pick a winner at random from everyone who comments on either page on December 1.

Won’t you please come over and help me celebrate 20 years of being a published romance author!