Have You Seen The New Covers?

My publisher, Oliver Heber Books, has refreshed the covers of both my MacKendimen Clan series and my Warriors of the Stone Circles series – I think the new covers are spectacular – but what do you think?

Warriors of the Stone Circles – new covers!!
MacKendimen Clan – new covers!

I think these covers really bring in the fantasy elements of the Warriors of The Stone Circle stories – the series is based on ancient Celtic mythology and the final book – SEARING MOON – with apologies to all the readers who I left at the end of the world as we know it at the end of BLAZING EARTH — will be released in 2024!!

(AND, there’s a DRAGON!!!!!!!)

The MacKendimen Clan series is a mix of historical romances and time travel romances, all with a touch of something ‘extra’ (aka ‘magical’)!

A LOVE THROUGH TIME is a time travel to medieval Scotland and both the hero and heroine travel back (and forth) in time. ONCE FORBIDDEN follows with the story of the repercussions of Alex and Maggie’s visit on the village and people of Dunnedin. A HIGHLANDER’S HOPE continues with a Christmas/holiday themed story about a villager and a visitor. And A MATTER OF TIME is about a man conceived in the past who travels back to find his destiny!

New cover or old, I hope you give these a try! Best of all – RISING FIRE is now free across all vendors!