50 Shades of Greener – The Return!

Three years ago, I joined authors Eileen Dreyer, Loralee Lillibridge and Laurie Kuna on an adventure visit to Ireland. It was my first trip there (in spite of my mostly-Irish DNA, I was never truly drawn to it before!) and I planned to do some on-site research for the fourth book in my WARRIORS OF THE STONE CIRCLES series which must end in Ireland.

It was grand! It was brilliant! It was lovely! (those are the Irish triumvirate of exclamations I discovered!)

Highlights – Cliffs of Moher, Poulnabroune Tomb, The Burrens, GREEN, Drombeg, Dublin, Newgrange, GREEN, Ashley Park Manor House and grounds, fairy hills, Book of Kells, GREEN, Dingle!, ArdMor stones, Isabel Bennett (archeologist), laughing like loons, GREEN, getting lost and having an amazing experience!!



So, we’re returning to Ireland for the next two weeks and I’ll be posting photos and videos over on my FB page – stop over, comment, ask questions or just laugh as we will be doing!



Indie Historical Bash 2018!

In case you missed it, a large group of indie authors have been building up to a fabulous FB event to celebrate our historical romances. The month-long event culminates on Thursday, January 4 with an all-day Facebook event that you are all welcome to attend. There will be more than 20 authors throughout the day and books and prizes and a grand prize awarded to readers who stop in an post or comment on posts.


Please stop over on Tuesday, January 2 and say hi to me — it’s my day to be featured!  Happy New Year – I wish you lots of happiness, health and books to read!



The STORM is coming!

A while ago, I wrote a dark, STEAMY series of romances for Kensington’s Brava line. They are different from my usual Harlequin Historicals – there are paranormal/fantasy elements and are much darker, much steamier, erotic historical romances where the story and characters develop through the sexual journey…and, of course, get their H-E-A.

Well, I got the rights back and will be releasing these books in early 2018…. To tease you a bit…. Pre-orders available soon!

Celebrating THE CALL!

  It was twenty – that’s 20 – years ago this weekend that then editorial assistant Cindy Hwang called me with the news – Berkley Jove wanted to publish my book – A LOVE THROUGH TIME – in their time travel line!  It was an amazing feeling when she called. Made more exciting was that I was in a hospital bed in my family room, recuperating from fracturing a spinal vertebra! (for the second time!)…. The physical therapist who was there had no idea of what was happening but I expressed interest in the offer, told Ms. Hwang that I would need the weekend to consider and that I would call her back. . . .

Cue the hysterical screaming!! I scared the PT so badly she left. I called my hubby and all my friends in NJRW and then began the process of getting an agent. Did I mention this call came on the Monday of Thanksgiving week in 1997? Yes it was! With the help and advice of my NJRW writing colleagues, I contacted prospective agents, sent out the manuscript and signed with Linda Kruger (at the time with the Fogelman Agency). Within weeks, the contract was signed and I was about to be a PUBLISHED AUTHOR….a real published author!

Now, 20 years and 45 publications later, that call, THE CALL, still brings back the memories of the excitement of the day.  To celebrate, I’m doing a giveaway over on FB –



If you stop over my FB profile  or  my FB author page – you can leave a comment that puts you in the giveaway – the gift includes a copy of the original release, the newest edition, a lovely Scottish-themed handbag and two time travel romances from my wonderfully talented friend Ceci Giltenan! I’ll pick a winner at random from everyone who comments on either page on December 1.

Won’t you please come over and help me celebrate 20 years of being a published romance author!


Across a Windswept Isle – it’s here!

Nothing more exciting that releasing a book into the reading world and, today, I’m doing that!

Across a Windswept Isle is the tale of a love forbidden and lost forever….or was it? This novella was previously part of the very limited edition collection THE FORBIDDEN HIGHLANDS but is now available on its own. Hope you will give it a try!

Ailis lost the love of her life … or is he standing right in front of her?

Lachlan MacLean loved his enemy’s daughter but duty called for him to marry another. Attacked by an unseen assailant and left to die in a fiery grave, he survived and now wanders the isle of Mull without any memory of his past. He seeks anyone who might know him but the one he wishes to find is the woman who haunts his dreams and visions. When he encounters her, she is being given in marriage to another man. He doesn’t know her name, but he knows he must have her to regain his life.

Ailis MacKinnon lost the love of her life in a terrible fire and months later is being forced by her father to marry. When she refuses and is given to the next man who enters the keep instead, she discovers that the mysterious ‘Iain’ reminds her of the man she lost. Worse, he encourages her to be the woman she should be. As the battle of wills between father and daughter builds, so does the passion between her and this hooded man.

Will she be able to claim the man she lost knowing that exposing his identity brings danger back to him? Or can she give him up now that she has found him?



Ways to Help An Author – and prizes for doing it!


  Anytime you connect with an author it helps! When you connect with an author via a vendor or other service, it helps a lot! This month I’m in a group promo to highlight two places where you can connect with authors — and then you will receive info automatically about new releases – Amazon and Bookbub. Amazon – well, you all know about Amazon, offers readers a chance to FOLLOW your favorite authors. BookBub – a curated subscription service that points readers to great (Free-99¢-$1.99) digital deals on all vendors – also offers the readers the chance to hear about their favorite authors.

So, I’ve teamed up with BookSweeps to participate in a month-long promo that I hope will get more of you to follow me…and lots of authors. . . on Amazon and Bookbub! The prizes: these are the ones from my section – the more you play, the more you enter….

Grand Prize Winner: Selected from all participants, receives 1 copy of each book, plus a Kindle Fire or Nook Tablet.

Runner Up #3: Selected from the participants in the Medieval, Scottish, and Victorian Romance section of the promotion, receives 1 copy of each Medieval, Scottish, and Victorian Romance book.

Bookstore Gift Cards (10): One winner will be selected from each of the 10 contest sections to receive a $25 gift card to the bookstore of their choice.  Thus, there will be 1 gift card winner selected from each of the following areas:

Medieval, Scottish, & Victorian Romance (Amazon Follower Promo)

Medieval, Scottish, & Victorian Romance (BookBub Follower Promo)

To begin, head over and take a look — this promo will continue until June 5 – Medieval, Scottish, & Victorian:

Thanks so much!

Brandywine Brides are here!!

It is such a good feeling when a book is released and it gets in the hands of readers. This project is near-and-dear to me since it involves a group of my friends who decided to create a project together. It’s been happening over a couple of years and now it’s here! Seven stories about seven generations of one family that begins with a Scottish traitor transported to America and those who come after him….all the way from 1721 to present day! NYT Bestselling author Mariah Stewart is our lead author and the others include Cara Marsi, Kate Welsh, Gwendolyn Schuler, Martha Schroeder and debut author Georgia Dickson… and me!

I hope you’ll give us a try! It’s 99¢ for the first week…




Don’t You Wish You Had a Highlander?

I’m taking part in a Booksweeps giveaway and am thrilled to see some of my favorite authors and books there, too. Have you read Kerrigan Byrne or Glynnis Campbell or Madeline Martin or Susan King or May McGoldrick 0r….or….?! 45 Highland romances are being given away along with other prizes – you can enter until April 3!  (just CLICK on the image below!)


I hope you’ll enter — and good luck!!





Brandywine Brides – and the Writers Who Lunch

A couple of years ago, after decades of knowing each other, a small group of writer friends began to gather for lunch once a month. We would talk about family and life but then the topics would turn inevitably to writing and stories, the market and contracts, and other publishing topics. We were a mixed group – all published, most by traditional publishers, some of us trying our hand at indie publishing, too. Finally, someone said — hey, we’re all writers, we should write something together!

And that was the beginning our our series – The Blackwood Legacy – and our first anthology – Brandywine Brides!

We gathered for planning sessions. We climbed into cars and did road trips all over Chester County PA, looking at stone houses, horse farms and the Brandywine River as it ran down through historic Chadds Ford. It took months before the family’s history and the idea of the first connected collection took shape. One writer had to bow out and we recruited another to take her place. Finally, seven stories about seven generations of the Blackwood family took shape – from the patriarch Finlan Blackwood in 1721 down to the current owner and namesake Finn Blackwood.

Brandywine Brides is now available for pre-order and will debut on April 25 — we hope you’ll give us and the Blackwood Family a try…. it’s at a special price now – 99¢ – and available at most retailers

One Family ~ Seven Generations ~ A Legacy of Love




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